Trekking through the Tu Lan Cave system in Vietnam

Vietnam, Tu Lan cave system.

Discover the incredible Tu Lan Cave system with Dai our insider expert in Vietnam

Tu Lan Caves, VietnamWe have traveled quite a lot in the region but the most exciting and memorable experience we have had so far is our caving adventure to Tu Lan Cave in the center of Vietnam. This cave system has recently become more popular to travelers around the world as it was one of the filming locations in the film about one of the most powerful monster myths: King Kong.

We spent two days trekking through the incredible Tu Lan Cave system. I love trekking not only because I like being active but also it makes time for myself to ponder the beauty of nature and see things the way they are. The first day, we trekked through a lovely peanut field with buffalos scattered along the way. We were immersed in the endless vistas of magnificent mountains and animals and the smell of the grasslands. We then swam through huge caves with stops to see many beautiful stalagmites and stalactites. There were even “waterfalls” inside the cave. Could you believe that? I had seen so many nice photos about this place but it could not replace the magic of being there. Everything was untouched. Nobody was allowed to install any electronic device inside the cave, so it was totally dark. The only light we had was the light from our helmet.

trekking in VietnamIt was quite funny that during the time I swam inside the cave, it gave me moments to reflect on the meaning of life, have peace of mind as I felt completely isolated from the outside world. That’s why I can say this is not just an experience, it is an inspiring experience. At the end of the day, we camped beside a waterfall in the middle of a rainforest which was a highlight of our trip. We enjoyed dinner surrounded by nature and enveloped by the sound of the surroundings.

The next day, we did another light trek across the river where the trip ended. When everything was done, we realised how worthwhile the trip was. Because each destination is unique and suits a different style of traveler, it’s important to study your options. But Tu Lan is pretty spectacular, so it should be on the travel bucket list for those who love untouched beauty with an adventure twist.

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