Wildlife adventures which are out of this world

Wildlife Adventures Orangutang

Wildlife adventures which are out of this world

Discover some of the Worlds greatest wildlife destinations, from the mountains of Ecuador to the wilds of Borneo with our experienced and passionate guides. In many places you can experience wildlife in its natural environment, like swimming with sea turtles in the Galapagos or watching giant otters in the wetlands of Brazil. Alternatively, you can gain a deep insight into some of the world’s most iconic species when you visit a sanctuary or conservations centre, here you’ll learn about the latest conservation efforts to protect these amazing animals and also get an opportunity to help with their daily care.

Below are a few of our favourite wildlife experiences we offer:

China – Meet a Chinese natural treasure

Giant PandaVisit the panda research centre in Chengdu. The centre has created a natural habitat for giant pandas and over 20 other rare and endangered species, which are also protected and bred here.

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#IPtips Check out some of the cheeky characters you might meet on iPanda.com which features 28 cameras, capturing the life of the pandas at the centre.

Sri Lanka – Have a night out with a Shy Loris

Shy LorisTake a night expedition led by a local naturalist through a forested nature trail in search of the endearing loris, a nocturnal creature famous for its large eyes and little limbs.

Our Guide to Sri Lanka
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#IPtips Look but don’t touch! Slow lorises have a toxic bite, a trait rare among mammals. Their bite acts as a deterrent to predators, and the toxin is also applied to the fur during grooming as a form of protection for their infants.

Borneo – Meet the old man of the jungle

Orangutang in BorneoVisit the Orangutan rehabilitation centre in Sandakan, which was established to rehabilitate orphan orangutans. One of the highlights is watching the young orangutans on their final stage of rehabilitation play in the outdoor nursery.

Our Guide to Borneo
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#IPtips Feeding times are at 10am and 3pm, this is typically the best time to see the animals. However, the apes are wild and freely move through the reserve so there is no guarantee that they will come to the feeding platforms, especially during the fruiting season when naturally growing food is in abundance.

Galapagos – Dance with the blue-footed booby

Blue footed Booby in The GalapagosSwim with sea turtles, penguins and reef sharks, and watch the distinctive dance of the blue-footed booby in the Galapagos Islands, the most biodiverse place on earth.

Our Guide to Ecuador & The Galapagos
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#IPtips Read our guide to the Galapagos, for the best insider tips and ideas.

Brazil – Encounter the elusive Jaguar

Jaguar in BrazilSet out by boat on an exciting jaguar-spotting adventure along the rivers of the Pantanal wetlands. You might see these beautiful animals, the largest cats in the Americas, on the hunt for caimans or lounging on the riverbanks.

Our Guide to Brazil
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#IPtips Keep an eye out for giant river otters, tapirs and hundreds of bird species.

Ecuador – Search for the magnificent condor

Condor flyingLed by a professional mountain guide and crew, take a 5 day trek past volcanoes, and mountain lakes in search of the condor, often referred to as the king of the Andes with a wingspan of up to 10.5 feet.

Our Guide to Ecuador
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#IPtips There are only a few places left on earth where there is a healthy population of Condors, the slopes of the Antisana Volcano is one of these, so you have a good chance of seeing these giants on this tour.

Malaysia – Bath time for baby

Baby Elephant Kuala Gandah’s Elephant Conservation Centre is dedicated to the protection of the Elephas Maximus (Asian elephant). Visitors get to meet these beautiful semi-wild creatures, help to groom them and feed them fruit. Don’t leave without giving the baby elephants a good scrub in the river.

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#IPtips Daily visitor numbers are subject to strict quotas and advance booking is strongly recommended.

India – Roam with wild elephants

Wild elephants in PeriyarTake a boat safari in the densely forested Periyar National Park. Look out for elephants, wild boar and sambar deer at the water’s edge. The park includes over 1,965 flowering plants, 171 species of grass and 143 species of orchid.

Our Guide to India
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#IPtips During the summer months from March to June is the best time to see wild Elephants, who come out in search of water.

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