Visit China

Welcome to China. It’s a colossal country where a fast-paced business world coexists with a traditional culture underpinned by age-old customs. There are temple and palace complexes to discover, fragrant street markets to wander, ancient city walls to cycle along and giant pandas to visit. Take a tai chi class or a river cruise through rocky peaks thick with greenery. Learn to cook a Cantonese dish or join a guided hike into the hills. Get to know this captivating country with a destination expert as your guide.

China highlights

  • See the imposing capital of Beijing, home to Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City palace complex and the Temple of Heaven
  • Get a close-up look at the astounding Great Wall of China – explore some intact sections at Badaling.
  • Don’t miss Xi’an’s Terracotta Army, a collection of 1,000s of life-sized soldier statues set up in battle formation
  • Take a gentle cruise down the Li River, marvelling at the dramatic limestone peaks and the rice paddies as you float by
  • Visit Chengdu’s panda research centre and meet its most famous residents – a collection of protected giant pandas
  • Discover the enchanting city of Guilin, surrounded by striking hills, lakes and peaceful green spaces
  • Glide down the Yangtze, Asia’s longest river, for a scenic cruise through the Three Gorges
  • Day-trip from Guilin to the Dragon’s Backbone in Longsheng County and see the spectacular rice terraces cut into the hillsides
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Unforgettable experiences – our insider suggestions to the best things to do in China

Chinese cookery course

Master traditional Chinese dishes with a cooking session led by a top restaurant chef. Create homemade dumplings and noodles, plus a mix of Sichuan and Cantonese dishes, finished off with the all-important traditional seasonings. Then sit down and feast on the results.

Chinese food
Tai Chi

Learn the art of tai chi

Have a go at the thirteen moves of tai chi, a kung fu-style sport practised all over the country. It’s said to offer various benefits for mind and body, with its slow, controlled actions and calm accompanying breaths.

Cycle along an ancient city wall

Explore Xi’an’s impressive city wall the fun way, on a cycling tour along the top of it. The wall was built by the Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang in the 14th century and still stands proudly, now with a UNESCO rating. Bike along at your leisure and take in views of the surrounding area.

Teahouse China

Visit a local teahouse

Tea drinking is an important part of daily life in China. Spend some time with a local guide at a low-key teahouse to sample traditional blends and watch the people go by.

Guided country walk

Head out into the countryside at beautiful Yangshuo on a guided walking tour through a landscape of dramatic karst hills, caves and unspoiled waters. A peaceful intermission between hectic city stops.

Maglev bullet train

High-speed train ride

Speeding along on the hyper-modern Maglev bullet train in Shanghai, one of the fastest trains on the planet, is an unforgettable experience. Ride it to the airport to catch a flight, or simply whiz up and down for the thrill of it.